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conference program
* guest speakers

dr. roberto bassi
university of verona, italy
The Function of Individual Xanthophyll Species in Light Harvesting and
Photoprotection of the Higher Plant Chloroplast

dr. charles dismukes
princeton university
Nature's Renewable Energy Blueprint: Future Fuel from Photosynthesis and Biomimics

dr. kenneth sauer
university of california, berkeley
Photosynthetic Oxygen Evolution - Past, Present and Future

* conference schedule
Friday: April 21, 2006
4:00-6:00pm arrival and registration
5:00pm cocktails
6:00pm dinner
7:30pm welcome and opening remarks
7:45pm session a: oxygen evolution
chair: dr. harry frank

  • Invited Lecture: Dr. Kenneth Sauer: Photosynthetic Oxygen Evolution - Past, Present and Future
  • Presentation A1: Victor S. Batista: QM/MM Model of the Oxygen-Evolving Complex of Photosystem II
9:00pm mixer and poster viewing
Saturday: April 22, 2006
7:30-8:30am breakfast
8:45am session a: oxygen evolution (continued)
  • Presentation A2: James McEvoy: Analysis of Proposed Mechanisms of Water Splitting in Photosystem II
9:00am session b: photosystem i
chair: dr. j. golbeck

  • Presentation B1: Mark Heinnickel: Identification of a Ferredoxin-like Protein (PshB) that binds the Terminal Electron Acceptors (FA and FB) in Heliobacterium modesticaldum
  • Presentation B2: Wade Johnson: Quantification of in vivo supplemented anthraquinones incorporated into PS I complexes of synechocystis sp. pcc 6803 mutants lacking phylloquinone
  • Presentation B3: Sreeja Parameswaran: On the origin of the 1656(+)/1637(-) cm-1 difference band in (p700+-p700) ftir difference spectra: low temperature ftir difference spectroscopy for the study of p700 in y(b718)t mutant cyanobacterial PS I particles
  • Presentation B4: Art van der Est: The Role of Aspartate D556psaB in Electron Transfer through Phylloquine in PS I
10:15am coffee break
10:45am session b: photosystem i (continued)
  • Presentation B5: Priyangika Jayaweera: Time-Resolved Ftir Difference Spectroscopy Used to Study Photosystem I Particles with Different Quinones Occupying the A1 Binding Site
11:00am session c
  • Presentation C1: Dr. O. Onder: Comparative Proteomics Reveals that the Amount of the Periplasmic Protease degp Becomes Crucial in the Absence of the Dithiol: Disulfide Oxidoreductase dsba
  • Presentation C2: Dariusz Niedzwiedski: Femtosecond Time-Resolved Absorption Spectroscopy of Xanthophylls
  • Presentation C3: Klaas J. van Wijk: Protein profiling of plastoglobules in chloroplasts and chromoplasts; a surprising site for differential accumulation of metabolic enzymes
  • Presentation C4: Christian Fufezan: Influence of the Redox Potential of QA on Photoinhibition
12:15pm lunch
1:30-4:00pm exhibits and free time
4:00pm poster session
5:00pm cocktails, poster session continues
6:00pm dinner
7:00pm session d: light harvesting
chair: dr. d. bruce

  • Invited Lecture: Dr. Roberto Bassi: The Function of Individual Xanthophyll Species in Light Harvesting and Photoprotection of the Higher Plant Chloroplast
8:00pm mixer and poster viewing
Sunday: April 23, 2006
7:30-8:30am breakfast and preliminary check-out
8:45am session d: light harvesting (continued)
  • Presentation D1: Robert A. Niederman: Unusual properties of the light-harvesting 1 complex of purple bacteria: structural implications of nonconservative near-ir circular dichroism spectrum
  • Presentation D2: Ruili Wang: Density functional theory based calculations for the study of the vibrational properties of chlorophyll a
  • Presentation D3: Robielyn Ilagan: Spectroscopic Studies of the Main-form and High-salt Peridinin-chlorophyll a-protein from amphidinium carterae
  • Presentation D4: Dion Durnford: The Evolution of the LHC Superfamily in Chl A/B-containing Organisms
  • Presentation D5: Julia A. Maresca: Identification of a Gene Cluster Responsible for the Brown Phenotype In Green Sulfur Bacteria
10:15am coffee break
10:30am meeting of pi's in the lecture hall
10:45am session e
  • Invited Lecture: Dr. G.C. Dismukes: Nature's Renewable Energy Blueprint: Future Fuel from Photosynthesis and Biomimics
11:45am closing remarks
12:00pm lunch
1:00pm departure